août 14

[Free Download] Meet Me Underground Guest Mix By Ofuren

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« It’s just a mix of my favorite tunes, swaying back and forth deep house and techno, including a golden nugget from the Mystical Arts EP. »

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fév 14

[Free Download] Deep Avenue 52 mixed by DJ Bubbles

« Since the early days I have been a huge fan of Flipside Records compilations, through their second ‘Flipside house 2’ I got to know about Sakhile Ndlazi a.k.a Dj Bubbles… »

Deep Avenue: Interview with Dj Bubbles (Urban Touch Recordings) from DeepAvenue on Vimeo.

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nov 13

BE YOU MINI : luxury swimwear from Barcelona

Désireux de prolonger mon expertise en matière de maillots de bain sexy, j’ai eu l’occasion de poser quelques questions à la sympathique Marta, représentante de la toute nouvelle marque « Be You Mini » basée à Barcelone…

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oct 13

Luxury Nudism : Interview with Katya

, c’est aussi la rencontre de personnages atypiques, qui se démarquent et excellent dans leurs domaines respectifs. Prince Of Ballard dans l’art du réedit, Damien Javelle et sa brillante aventure transmédia.

Katya, c’est un peu l’anti Zahia, l’anti Nabilla ; sans artifices ni communicants, elle parvient à rendre charmant un univers qui – à priori- ne l’est  pas forcément…

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juil 13

[Stream / Buy] Black Smoke aka Ofuren – Xiluva (Original Mix)

« Xiluva is an exploration of the cerebral dub techno genre with seen through a neo-african perspective. Delicately blending african percussion with wide atmospheres that gradually build through a dark aural palette. Inspired by imagery seen in a Darren Aronofsky film called The Fountain, where the tree of life enclosed in a biosphere travels through space. This image is the whole basis of the song. The metaphysical nature of earth & space described through the emotions of music. The name Xiluva (which means flower in tsonga) is also inspired from a part in the film where a character ingests a piece of the tree and then soon after flowers start to bloom all over his body, suggesting a new beginning, very appropriate since this is the new direction I am taking with my music and the flower theme also hints to how the tune gradually & slowly unfolds like a flower in bloom. »

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mar 13

Q&A with Sef Kombo representing SA House every Sunday in March 1am-2am on BBC 1Xtra

RZ: Great news Sef !  How did it happen ?

Sef: Thanks a lot ! They wanted to switch it up with the last hour, it’s an African Music show but they very rarely show love to the House side of things so since they started the talent slot been mainly West African music.. so they want something different.. thats where i come in so they contacted me to do it.

RZ: Almost 2 years since our last interview, time flies !

Sef: Last two years have been an interesting since we last spoke! I got massive coverage from the Southport party did but at the same time a new sound was brewing in London and spreading fast into major cities in the UK, we call it Minimal Deep Tech.. I don’t like it mostly and still being a soulful afro house guy at heart I didn’t conform and join the rest of the DJ’s who began to spin in to « fit in » and stay relevant to still maintain bookings, It has been a small struggle but main thing is that I still feel I play very good music and I still have stayed relevant over here! Shortly after our interview I did my 1st guest show on Rinse FM spinning it’s 1st ever Afro House show alongside Tippa.. Now that was a big show!! At the end of 2011 I had the honour of going to Djoon Club in Paris to spin with Tribe Records, that was a wicked night! I also landed a radio show at a legal radio station Bang Radio spinning every Monday night from 10pm for 3 hours, I am a little more broader in what I play, It’s more of a global house show, I have a lot of fun with it.. In 2012 I managed to again play with Black Coffee at the Indigo, o2 which was one of my favourite live sets I have ever podcasted! I also interviewed and played with Black Motion when they came over and did a mix for BBC 1xtra on DJ Edu’s show and now I’m on there for the month of March in 2013.. I couldn’t be more happy… All this and my night Til Two is still doing so well for a Wednesday night! Just goes to show, if you believe in the music you play is good you will get rewarded one day.

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oct 12

Interview with Damien Javelle [3X3]

Une série dont vous seriez le héros, dans laquelle vous influenceriez la construction narrative à travers  jeu vidéo, applications smartphone et réseau social dédiés : c’est ce qui est dans les cartons de Conviction Prod. L’occasion d’ interroger Damien Javelle, architecte du projet.

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