fév 16

[Free Download] Meet Me Underground mixed by Ofuren

« This is a black space journey through the realm of the mind. No style, no bpm – formless like consciousness. » Ofuren.

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avr 15

[Free Download] The Lost and Found podcast 028 mixed by Ofuren

« Music, for me, is spirituality. Not in the sense of gods and chakras but in the sense of discovering who you truly are (…) so the more you define your taste, your aesthethic, your sound, the more you actually define yourself and in that way the music becomes you. Maybe in the end its got nothing to do with age really, just experience and growth… »

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jan 15

[Stream] Floating Points & Four Tet – Final Plastic People 2 1 2015

2015-01-02_-_Plastic_People_Closing_Party « We set this recording up just before the start of the night and unfortunately it distorts in places, but we make no apology for how joyfully noisy people get! The vibe in the room this night was typical of the club on any given night and we hope this recording captures just a fraction of the spirit of a Plastic People night ».

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jan 15

[Free Download] Thrumcast 017 mixed by Ofuren

« When you listen to this, I want you to let go of all notions of genres as separate compartments of sound but as a free flowing fabric where the ideas & concepts borrow from one another in and endless evolution of human emotion conjured up naturally & expressively. That’s all that matters. Enjoy. » Ofuren.

Thrumcast 017 – Ofuren by Thrum Room on Mixcloud

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déc 14

The Jazz Meet Podcast #138 : 09.12.14 Love Supreme at 50 – A Tribute to John Coltrane by Black Classical

« There can’t be many more iconic albums than John Coltrane‘s much vaunted ‘Love Supreme’. Recorded in one session on Wednesday December 9, 1964 in Van Gelder studio and released on Impulse! Records the following February, the LP holds a lasting influence on the contemporary Jazz landscape, many citing both the album and the artist as an important influence. Here we are blessed to bring you a two hour tribute to the great man and his music from the enigmatic Black Classical, featuring a fine selection of music picked from across the Jazz spectrum and unquestionably bearing a mark of Coltrane’s teachings. As you may expect by now… this one is heavyweight! »

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mai 14

[Free Download] Black Classical meets Sun Ra [13 hr mix]

Click for All Things Black Classical

« There are countless people no doubt doing such things to celebrate Sun Ra’s 100 Earth Arrival Date, of which many will be the usual. Now thats what I call Sun Ra hammering the obvious classics. This broadcast will swerve away from that and present some of the lesser know music from the almost infinite back catalogue. There are even a couple of exclusive things that you will have never heard from rare un-archived tapes plus a very very exclusive from the man Emanative.
You may notice from the tracklist below that its not 100% Sun Ra, this mix is interspersed with musical disciples that learned their craft / or were heavily influences by the ideals of Arkestra and went on to spread his musical legacy outwards. »

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mai 14

The Jazz Meet Podcast #126 : 01.05.14 Black Classical presents God’s Electric Toaster

He’s back.

Podcast #126: 01.05.14 Black Classical presents God’s Electric Toaster by The Jazz Meet on Mixcloud