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juil 16

[Free Download] Simbad Vs Aybee Vs Fred P Mixed By Jay Locke

« The third installment of the C.O.M.E. series materializes in the form of a sound clash. This is a collective of music selected from each artist catalog Simbad, AYBEE and Fred P. Mixed most respectably by none other than Jay Locke. This mix is sure to take you on a journey and introduce you to some history between each artist and selector past, present and Future… »

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jan 16

[Stream] THUMP mixed by Fred P

« As if anything else could be expected from the Soul People Music boss often known as Black Jazz Consortium, Fred came correct with a seamless hour of elegant and straight-up soul invading vibes… »

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jan 15

[Free Download] Thrumcast 017 mixed by Ofuren

« When you listen to this, I want you to let go of all notions of genres as separate compartments of sound but as a free flowing fabric where the ideas & concepts borrow from one another in and endless evolution of human emotion conjured up naturally & expressively. That’s all that matters. Enjoy. » Ofuren.

Thrumcast 017 – Ofuren by Thrum Room on Mixcloud

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août 14

[Free Download] DJB 322 mixed by ANOMALY

(…) it’s even more special that it’s a mix under his new techno moniker, Anomaly. »

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mai 14

[Free Download] Okkana Podcast mixed by Fred P

« Focus always forward. Honest self expression is a good thing for life in itself. Suppression or regression of that or even stagnation is the opposite. So for me I have this thing where I create things out of sound. I stay true to it for as long as I can remember and it gives me an outlet. That alone is medicine for life. » – Fred P

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mar 14

Special Week… mixed by @restrictedzone

I’m a man of symbols ; probably the mystic / spiritual side of me… :) This week has been so special in so many ways… that I’ve decided to record a mini-mix, kind of « audio letter »… Hope you’ll enjoy it! ;)

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déc 13

[Free Download] Anthology : Fred P vs Black Jazz Consortium Mixed By Jay Locke

« The second installment of the C.O.M.E. series materializes in the form of a anthology. Fred P. vs Black Jazz Consortium mixed by Jay Locke. Jay Locke is a one of New York City’s best kept secrets whose gig credits and credentials are as impressive as his extensive knowledge of music (…) one of the most talented DJ’s in New York City without question. This mix contains both released and unreleased material, demos and reshapes. A snap shot of the past, present and future, enjoy… »

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