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août 16

[Free Download] Deep Vibes 47 mixed by Kat La Kat

« Episode #47 of our deep vibes series gets very dark and is full of suspense and very graphic noise.
OOOOPS I forgot to mention…..U NEED some serious BASS to enjoy »

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mai 16

[Free Download] Intrinsic Audio Sessions 49 mixed by Kat La Kat

« Our next instalment comes courtesy of Pretoria-based artist Kat La Kat, a South African underground music scene legend. Showcasing his incredible depth of musical knowledge and renowned mixing skills, Kat has created an hour long journey that takes the listener through a wide range of feeling and atmosphere.
The mix starts off with a steady rhythm and echoing effects held together by sparse percussion, before Kat picks up the energy with signature ease, as stuttering claps swirl over dramatic synths and rousing baselines. »

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avr 16

[Free Download] Deep Vibes 46 mixed by Kat La Kat

« Episode 46 is full Of drama and suspense for those that like it a bit Deeper than most… »

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fév 16

[Free Download] Deep Vibes 45 mixed by Kat La Kat

Episode #45 of the Deep Vibes series…

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mai 15

[Free Download] Thrumcast 020 mixed by Kat La Kat

« His contribution is an effortless blend of genres and textures that affirms his status as one of the country’s (South Africa) leading purveyors of the deep… »

Thrumcast 020 – Kat La Kat by Thrum Room on Mixcloud

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fév 15

[Free Download] Deep Vibes #40 mixed by Kat La Kat

« Episode #40 of our Deep Vibes… »

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jan 15

[Free Download] Deep Vibes #39 mixed by Kat La Kat

« Happy New Year from the Underground !!! Enjoy and tell someone !! »

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