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fév 16

[Free Download] Meet Me Underground mixed by Ofuren

« This is a black space journey through the realm of the mind. No style, no bpm – formless like consciousness. » Ofuren.

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avr 15

[Free Download] The Lost and Found podcast 028 mixed by Ofuren

« Music, for me, is spirituality. Not in the sense of gods and chakras but in the sense of discovering who you truly are (…) so the more you define your taste, your aesthethic, your sound, the more you actually define yourself and in that way the music becomes you. Maybe in the end its got nothing to do with age really, just experience and growth… »

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août 14

[Free Download] Meet Me Underground Guest Mix By Ofuren

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« It’s just a mix of my favorite tunes, swaying back and forth deep house and techno, including a golden nugget from the Mystical Arts EP. »

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juil 14

[Free Download] Warmth mixed by Ofuren

« At the helm of our 7th tape, label boss – Ofuren, delivers an exquisite mix aptly titled WARMTH. Enjoy. »

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juil 14

[Free Download] Deep Space Podcast 151 Ofuren Exclusive Mix

1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares
1. Roberto Rodriguez – Sensible Jungle Tune – [Serenades]
2. Steven Tang – Reality We Make – [Smallville]
3. Alexei Michailovsky – Bublez – [Fazedores de Som]
4. Coppice Halifax – R-Taks – [Recycled Plastics]
5. Aveorm – Elektro Dreams – [Russian Techno]
6. Hot Coins – Foxxy – [Sonar Kollektiv]
7. Kassem Mosse – Untitled B3 – [Workshop]
8. MAS & DELAYER – Gate – [Ephedrina Netlabel]
9. Richard Savani – Interlude (Original Mix) – [Rock Sucks Records]
10. DJ Koze – Amygdala (Roman Flügel Remix) – [Pampa Records]
11. Awanto 3 – The Wall – [Rush Hour]
12. Shenoda – You Can Tell (Original Mix) – [Hypercolour]

2nd hour mixed by Ofuren (Roots Go Deep Music, South Africa)

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mar 14

[Free Download] Raw Exclusives mixed by Ofuren

« I decided to do an impromptu mix for the last remaining days of March, also decided to make it a very special mix by only featuring exclusive UNRELEASED material from Tebatso, Thando, Sifiso, Fred & Me (90% of the tunes will be coming out on Roots Go Deep and the other 10% on a special project…) (…) The roots go deeper… »

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mar 14

[Free Download] Blue Fluff – Dreaming In Detention / Sandcastles & Curls (The Ofuren Black Edits)

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« So a few weeks ago, DUBE put out a free release showing off the weirder side of his music under his Blue fluff psuedonym and on the first listen man, I was taken away! Shit inspired me to the core! Ended up takin two of my favourite tunes from the package and just had my way with them – smothered them with smoke.
Please note: these tunes are lofi – meaning they sound like they were recorded on sum cheap piece of tape in the early 80s and then only recently disvovered in my grandpas closet lol and now Im givin them out for free. »

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