The Djoon Experience

TDE001: The Djoon Experience – Mr. Cee feat. Mind Games Pain (Incl. Rocco, Alex Finkin, Abicah Soul, Dj Veany Mixes)


In only a few years, the Djoon Club has become international, in fact more international than local. It is a unique club in the Parisian landscape, which sole purpose is cultural and where people don’t come for show or to network. In Iranian, Djoon means ‘cherished’: here, it is the moving music that is cherished and (re)discovered …

After the successful trial ‘Old Landmark’ (The Djoon Experience feat. Kenny Bobien) which was sacred Record Of The Year 2010 by Brooklyn’s ‘Dope Jams’, the Djoon Club went into creating its own record label, where international House music’s rising stars will be associated to the best French ambassadors.

This new venture logically started by looking towards South Africa, the country where all assiduous ears are currently turned to, where talents are spawning and where House Music has reached the status of Pop Music.

Mr. Cee (Molefe Simon Mmakola) for instance, is one of the many local heroes from Johannesburg who deserves to blossom on the international scene. Heading the label BlackWhole Entertainment, full time DJ and event organizer, he has been involved in the emergence of House Music for about 10 years. It was during the Real Tone Records’ Boy Rocco tour in South Africa in September 2010 that he met with Lionel Marciano and that a collaboration with the brand new Djoon record label was discussed…

It was then when Mr. Cee was working on the release of his album ‘Once you go black’ that the group MindGames came by his studio. Charlie Khoza and Bobby Makhanya immediately got to work on the lyrics of Mr. Cee’s latest production and the track ‘Pain’ was born, dealing with the sadness in relationships when feelings are not mutual.

Pain’ then got remixed by DJ Veany, with whom Mr. Cee had collaborated for 5 years, alongside Chicago legend Abicah Soul  whose latest productions showed the influence of South African House mucic. Two Frenchmen were also involved:

- Rocco, from Lyon and very much appreciated by South Africans with his mate Manoo – his recent tours over the last few months were so successful that he could aspire to dual nationality!

- Alex Finkin, who is a very versatile multi-instrumentalist composer, mixer and director. House music is only one his many talents – Got him to sign with Vega Records for the track ‘Those days are gone’, co-produced with Reverend P.

New adventure, new ambitions, the Djoon is – without a doubt – only at the beginning of its apogee.

Out now on Traxsource